How to repair your car speakers

So, it’s normal with time because of heat, humidity, etc, that you car speakers start to distort sound and rattle.

This repair was done 3 years ago but I just remembered to share the experience now 😛


This is how one of them looked after 10 years. Some were even worse (but I don’t have photos :P)


So, instead of buying new ones, I looked in ebay and found that there are speaker foam repair kits. So I measured the inside and outside of the speaker foam and contacted this guy:
It turned out that they didn’t had the exactly size I needed but I ended up buying one that seemed to fit.


The kit comes with glue and some long cotton swabs.

Tools needed:
– flat screwdriver
– sharp knife
– and lots of patience and caution to not deform the sound cone.

This was the process of removing the existing foam and gluing the new one (I missed some steps/photos but you get the idea):


Foam and old glue removed

So here, make sure to remove the old foam carefully, you can use the knife, but please don’t rip/cut the paper sound cone. After removing it, remove the old hard glue from the plastic circle with the knife and the screwdriver. Now that it’s clean, it’s time to glue the new foam.


Applying glue to the sound cone first

So here apply glue to the cone and the inside circle of the new foam so it makes good contact. Align it and make some pressure between the parts with your finger tips so the excess glue is expelled out.

Let it dry for at least 3 hours before proceeding to the next step. Proceed to remove the foam and clean the old glue in the rest of the speakers.


Applying glue to the outer side

Do the same as before. Apply glue to both sides, make some pressure with your fingers and screwdriver if needed.



Finished speaker


Hope this guide helps someone.


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